The Icy Feet Concept

How It Began

Even the smallest tasks can overwhelm you with pain when you have a foot injury. Simply walking from point A to point B can reduce you to tears. If you have a foot injury and spend any amount of time on your feet, your search for a solution has ended. Icy Feet makes icing easy!

Craig Snyder, the inventor and owner of Icy Feet, spends most of his days on his feet as do millions of Americans. When he was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, he tried all of the traditional remedies, including anti-inflammatories, cortisone shots, rest, and ice. In fact, it was his regular use of the R.I.C.E. treatment (rest, ice, compression, elevate) that motivated Craig to create a product that incorporated these elements.

After soaking his feet in ice water, using frozen bags of peas, frozen paper cups, and frozen bottles of water, Craig was determined to find an easier way to ice his feet. Heading to the freezer once again, Craig came upon his inspiration in the form of his daughter's ice pack that she uses in her lunch bag each day. From that, Craig imagined an ice pack that was engineered with an exaggerated arch for constant contact where relief is needed most, a recessed heel cup so one foot could comfortably rest in the cold pack, a solid structure so that a foot could conform to the cold pack (versus the cold pack conforming to the foot), and two strategically placed straps so that you can elevate while icing.

Each of these components come together to create a revolutionary, patented product: Icy Feet, the easiest way to ice your feet!

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Icy Feet helps to relieve pain from foot ailments such as:

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