How to Use Icy Feet

Icy Feet is icing made easy!

Follow these simple instructions to get the best results from your cold pack:

  • Place the cold pack in the freezer flat with the arch side facing down until frozen solid.
  • The longer of the two straps included is to be used for the rear buckle towards the heel, and the shorter strap is to be used for the front buckle closer to the toes.
  • Never apply the frozen cold pack directly to the skin. Recommended use is to wear a sock.
  • Apply the cold pack to the base of the foot while sitting or lying down. Do not stand or walk on the cold pack. Do not operate a vehicle while wearing the cold pack.
  • It is recommended that the ice pack not be used for more than 20 minutes at a time. Remove the cold pack after 20 minutes and keep off for at least 20 minutes. Prolonged exposure to cold or freezing temperatures can result in illness or injury, such as frostbite.
  • Wash the cold pack with non-abrasive cleanser.
  • Return the cold pack to the freezer for storage after use.

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