Foot Ailments

Foot Ailments

The number of Americans facing common foot problems and serious foot conditions is increasing every day. The American Podiatric Medical Association reports that 75% of Americans will undergo some type of foot problem over the course of their lives. Most of these foot-related problems stem from abuse, and some are caused by congenital malformations and disabilities. Some of the most common foot ailments, where Icy Feet makes icing easy, are explained below:

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. The most common complaint is pain and stiffness in the bottom of the heel. The heel pain may be dull or sharp. The bottom of the foot may also ache or burn. Icy Feet can help to relieve all of these symptoms. Learn more about plantar fasciitis.

Muscle strains

A strain is the result of an injury to either a muscle or a tendon, which is common in the foot or leg. The strain may be a simple stretch in your muscle or tendon, or it may be a partial or complete tear in the muscle-tendon combination. The recommended treatment for a strain is the same as for a sprain: R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevate). Learn more about muscle strains.

Bone spurs

Bone spurs form in the feet in response to tight ligaments, which result from activities such as dancing and running. These activities put continued stress on the feet. Bone spurs can also form in response to pressure from being overweight or from poorly fitting shoes. Learn more about bone spurs.


Use Icy Feet to treat inflamed feet, which may be caused by increased activity or in association with aging. Inflammation is also one of the most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Learn more about inflammation of the feet.


Too much exercise, not enough oxygen, or dehydration can all cause painful cramping in your feet. Using Icy Feet can help ease your pain from foot cramps. Learn more about foot cramps.

Heel pain

Heel pain is a very common complaint experienced by millions of Americans every year. Heel pain is commonly derived from plantar fasciitis, but can occur independently as well. Learn more about heel pain.

Heel spurs

A bone spur can form on the bottom of the heel. Pressure at the back of the heel from frequently wearing shoes that are too tight can cause a bone spur to form on the back of the heel. Learn more about heel spurs.


Throbbing foot pain is a common problem for those people who usually jog and walk as a form of exercise. This type of pain comes and goes depending upon the use of the feet under vigorous activities, such as running marathons, jogging, or walking. Learn more about throbbing foot pain.

Bruised sesamoids

The sesamoids can become bruised, inflamed, or even fractured if the initial pain and irritation is ignored and physical activity is continued. Icing regularly with Icy Feet helps! Learn more about bruised sesamoids.

Hand-foot syndrome

Hand-foot syndrome, also known as Palmar-Plantar Erythrodysesthesia, can cause redness, swelling, pain, and even blistering on palms and soles of the feet. Learn more about hand-foot syndrome. Learn more about foot pain associated with hand-foot syndrome.


The 16 million Americans who suffer from diabetes should inspect their feet daily for warning signs such as color changes of the skin, swelling, and pain. Icing your feet regularly can help alleviate some of these symptoms. Learn more about foot pain associated with diabetes.

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