Bruised Sesamoids

Sesamoid bones are not well known, but can cause a great deal of pain if bruised or fractured. These bones are located at the bottom of the big toe joint. Sesamoid fractures can be acute or gradual. Sometimes, a specific activity is related to the onset of the foot pain. Pain is found when weight is put on the part of the foot, and will increase as more time is spent on the feet.

Treatment typically begins conservatively with reduced weight on the feet. Limiting activities alone can oftentimes alleviate the foot pain altogether. A walker or cane can also be used to help to this end. If pain persists, often surgery will be necessary. This is especially the case if the sesamoid fracture heals with a fibrous union instead of bone, which can become painful when playing sports or spending great amounts of time on the feet.

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Anyone who experiences foot pain can benefit from using the Icy Feet cold pack, including those who spend a lot of time on their feet, athletes, and individuals with foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis or bone spurs.

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